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Pod Shippuden RP

POD NINJAS ➥shippuden
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Welcome to Pod Ninjas {Shippuden} RP, where all your crack dreams are a reality! Or at least a semblance of it. And everyone is a druggie or some kind of addict. And Itachi is blind.

So sit back, buckle up, and keep all hands and feet inside the Crackmobile because we'll soon be crashing into crashing into plot holes, badfic, and ugly bachelor parties!
Basically, we mock fanon, canon, AU, badfic, fangirling, ZOMG-you-name-it-wank and mix them up with high-tier farts of the creative mind to produce RPing like no one has ever seen before.

OMFG! How is this different from any other crack RPs?

→ We make absolutely no sense. Anything canon will pretty much die and rot here. Yet at the same time, some of the inane things that the characters pull off seem strangely in character.

Can I watch the community even if I am not a member?

→ Yes you can! Please be sure to WATCH and not join the community!


It has been three years since Sasuke's disappearance. After killing Dumbledore Orochimaru, Sasuke takes off with a heterogeneous harem of his own. Naruto & co. are hot on his trail (it's summer) and the Akatsuki follow suit.

... And out of nowhere these alien podships came and abducted them!

Now they are pit into a place which looks a lot like the Konohagakure they once knew, except those who are once enemies are forced to be friends, and no matter how hard they try, they can't kill off each other. It's a strange parallel world.

Events that happen in the manga will be reflected in this alternate universe. This means you'll have to stay on top of the manga for the most time. Plots are subject to change as new chapters come out. Use your imaginations.


✖ All posts & mod posts go on the community. We're lazy like that. Watch ALL of the journals & communities through the mod flist!

✖ OOC posts go on pod_ooc!

✖ Current character limit is ONE, but we'll up the cap as soon as the main characters are settled. ♥

✖ Dead characters will be alive & applicable in this world by phoenix down. But they're "alive," not zombified.

✖ Please participate at least once a week, though we suspect it might be everyday.

✖ Be open minded. Sometimes stupid pairings happens here, and we do it cuz it's funny. No one cares about your particular fandom.

✖ No godmodding. Power players are for behind bedroom doors only.

✖ Use proper grammar/spelling ALWAYS. Unless your character is drunk.

✖ No haterade here. Take your personal bitchings outside of the RP, kthx.

✖ Joining the Pod Ninjas AIM chatroom is recommended once a week on Saturday! Remember when you're on your pod sn, it's a tacit agreement that you are ready for RP. Chat logs go to pod_chat.

✖ If you've read the rules, the correct answer for the app question is "ALL HAIL JASHIN."


Pods already taken. Don't apply for them.
Where you apply to be a pod.
{ FAQ }
Ask anything you want. Only five dolla.
So you can infect everyone else with the madness.

name: Muffie
aim: lambo bovino
e-mail: podxninjas @ gmail

name: Reichi
aim: NakedInTheOnsen
e-mail: bellyofthebreakbeat @ gmail

name: Nate
aim: dulcet raindance
e-mail: nateinator @ gmail

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